Small Home Builders

Excited about the idea of building a tiny home, downsizing, or building an airbnb? Chross can help!

Explore the Charm of Small Homes with Chross

Whether you’re considering building an Airbnb retreat, downsizing your lifestyle, or simply embracing a more minimalist approach to living, small homes offer an enticing solution. At Chross, we recognise the growing appeal of small-scale living and specialise in creating custom-designed homes that maximise space, minimise costs, and simplify your lifestyle.


Why Choose a Small Home?

Small homes have emerged as a practical and sustainable choice for homeowners seeking to optimize space, reduce environmental impact, and embrace a simpler way of life. Whether situated on narrow blocks, urban lots, or expansive properties, these compact dwellings offer all the comforts of a standard house while fostering a sense of coziness and efficiency.

The Right Size For Your Lifestyle

Simplify Your Home

Discover the joy of living with less without compromising on comfort or functionality. Our small homes are meticulously designed to accommodate your needs and preferences, with thoughtful layouts and personalised features that make the most of your available space. From clever storage solutions to versatile living areas, our designs embody the principles of simplicity and efficiency.

Holiday Homes & Investments

Small homes present an ideal option for those seeking holiday accommodations or investment opportunities. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy retreat for short-term rentals or maximize the potential of your existing property by adding an additional dwelling, our small home designs offer versatility and charm. With the ability to customise layouts and amenities, you can create a unique space that caters to the needs of guests or tenants while enhancing the value of your property.

Looking for Narrow Lot Homes?

If you’re specifically interested in narrow lot homes, we invite you to explore our narrow lot builds which meet the unique challenges and opportunities of building on narrow blocks. Our custom narrow lot designs combine innovative solution with quality craftsmanship to deliver homes that exceed expectations while maximising space and functionality.

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