If you are looking to subdivide your property or already have a site ready to go – we are here to help.

Chross Homes Developments

We have a wealth of experience – including triplex, duplex, and multi-unit Perth land developments –  and can manage the whole subdivision process. Or, if you just need a builder to work with, we are here to guide you through the process.

Our experienced team of surveyors, designers, interior designers, and of course builders, are ready to make your project run smoothly and on time.

Click on the ‘Let’s Start’ button above and we can organise a time to explain our development process and start you on the journey moving forward.

Our Development Capabilities


Duplex or Triplex development offers a sound, and low-risk investment option. These allow for two or three houses, residing on a single block.

This is a great choice for those with an existing piece of land with plenty of space – or those looking to purchase a new block for the purpose of development.

Our experience team can help guide you through the process – from choosing your block, to the final build.

A person in a wheelchair, moving through a modern home.


The NDIS and SDA offer a unique development opportunity. These homes are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and offer great potential for investment. Read more about our NDIS/SDA Developments.

Perth Block Zones - R Zones


Perth’s ‘R Zoning’ codes provide regulations around how many properties are approved to go on certain properties, and how much land is required per dwelling.

We’ve written a short guide to Perth’s R Zoning Codes. But our experts are always happy to have a chat and advise you of the best block to suit your needs.

Property Developments

Chross can help with your development. Whether you’re building on existing land, or looking to purchase a new block. We can help to:

  • Find the right duplex or triplex design for your property.
  • Custom design the units to suit your needs.
  • Build your new development.
  • Guide you through the entire building process.

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