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If you’re thinking about venturing into NDIS developments or investing in SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) homes, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

Chross Homes is an expert in crafting cosy, easily accessible, and inclusive living environments for individuals with disabilities. This presents a one-of-a-kind chance for investors to tap into the continuously expanding disability property industry.

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NDIS Developments and Chross Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government initiative that aims to provide support and services to Australians with disabilities. A crucial component of the NDIS is the provision of purpose-built housing called Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). These homes are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and offer great potential for investment.


Chross Homes, while not officially approved by the NDIS, works closely with NDIS providers to develop SDA homes. Although Chross does not directly participate in the NDIS approval process, it acts as a facilitator between investors and the growing demand for SDA properties. Now let’s delve into more details about the NDIS, SDA homes, and why investing in this sector is something worth considering.

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS, which stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a program funded by the government.

Its purpose is to assist individuals with disabilities by granting them financial resources to avail themselves of essential services and support.

The overarching goal of the NDIS is to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities by fostering independence and promoting their inclusion within society.


Our NDIS / SDA Development Process

Interested in learning how we convert typical properties into SDA-compliant homes? Here’s a simplified overview of our development process:

  1. Select appropriate characteristics for conversion.
  2. Work together with NDIS service providers to guarantee compliance.
  3. Customise the homes to meet the specific design category requirements.
  4. Conduct thorough quality inspections to guarantee accessibility and safety.
  5. Assist with the NDIS funding application process.
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SDA Developments

SDA developments are all about building or modifying houses to meet the specific design requirements of the NDIS. These developments bring great advantages for both the tenants and investors involved. Tenants get the opportunity to live in homes that are specially designed to be disability-friendly, while investors can enjoy a reliable and long-lasting source of rental income.

Our SDA Development Properties

Chross Homes is a company that specialises in the construction of SDA homes, and we work closely with NDIS developers to create homes that surpass the usual development standards. We take immense pride in crafting SDA properties that prioritise accessibility, comfort, and safety for individuals with disabilities.

Our homes are thoughtfully designed in collaboration with NDIS developers, incorporating features like ramps, widened doorways, and adjustable fixtures to accommodate diverse disability support requirements. This partnership allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation in accessible housing, ensuring that our properties meet the highest standards of quality and inclusivity.

What are SDA Properties?

SDA properties, built by experienced NDIS approved builders and SDA builders, play an important part in the NDIS, acting as critical accommodations customised to the specific needs of people with disabilities.

These residences provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere that considerably improves their general well-being.

As an investor, you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to benefit from the NDIS initiative by investing in SDA properties carefully created by NDIS builders and SDA builders, ensuring not only financial returns but also a beneficial influence on the lives of individuals in need.

SDA Design Categories

SDA homes are classified into four design categories, each catering to varying levels of disability support requirements. The categories are:

NDIS / SDA Development FAQs

Is NDIS Property a Good Investment?

For a number of reasons, investing in NDIS homes can be a successful proposition. Notable reasons include:

Steady Rental Income: Investors can obtain government-backed funding for long-term rental income from NDIS properties, ensuring their financial security.

Growing Demand: Due to the NDIS's expansion, the demand for SDA houses is continually increasing, making them a reliable investment.

Social Impact: Investing in SDA homes allows you to contribute to the betterment of people's lives with disabilities while generating financial returns.

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