Your Dedicated Triplex Builder

If you’re considering turning your property into a triplex, look no further – Chross is your dedicated partner in triplex development.

Whether you seek a trusted builder or a comprehensive manager for the entire process, our experienced team of designers, surveyors, and builders is ready to ensure your triplex project runs seamlessly.


Why Choose a Triplex Development?

Building a triplex on your existing block offers a myriad of benefits for investors.

Triple Your Investment Opportunity

Explore the realm of triplex construction and unlock the potential to triple your investment. Your three separate dwellings can be rented for consistent income or strategically sold to cover costs and maximise profits. Dive into the versatility that a triplex investment brings.

Unlock Additional Value

Maximize the value of a single block and reduce land costs by transforming it into three separate dwellings.

Strong Returns and Reduced Building Costs

Enjoy robust returns and cost-efficiency in building three homes on a single block.

Multiple Investment Pathways

Whether you have an empty block, plan to demolish, or aim to add a dwelling, triplex development provides versatile options to suit your needs.


Why Choose a Triplex Built by Chross

Building an investment property can be challenging, but with Chross, your focus is our priority. As a boutique WA building company, we’re driven by a vision to make your triplex development experience not only successful but enjoyable. From helping you choose the right land to providing guidance on home design options, we offer honest and personalised service at every step.

Design Excellence

As a custom home builder, we take pride in tailoring designs to suit your needs. Whether it’s a luxury rear-strata or a low-maintenance rental property, our designs are crafted to instil confidence in your investment. Your triplex property is a unique creation that reflects your vision.

Quality Craftsmanship

Being a boutique builder means every project receives the care and attention it deserves. Your triplex property is built to the latest Australian Standards, ensuring durability and longevity – essential qualities for a sound investment.


R-Codes & Subdividing Your Triplex

Determine if your property is eligible for triplex development by checking its R-Code. Our comprehensive guide on residential zoning codes for Perth will assist you in understanding the land requirements for subdivision, ensuring a smooth transition into triplex brilliance.


Looking for other development options?

Chross Homes have a range of development options on offer. Find further information about our Development, Duplex and NDIS/SDA builds.

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