Duplex Builders

If you’re looking to turn your property into a duplex – we’re here to help.

Chross can support your duplex development – whether you’re simply looking for a builder – or you’re looking for someone to manage the whole process for you.

We’ve got an experienced team of designers, surveyors and builders who can make your project run smoothly.

Why Choose a Duplex Built by Chross

Building an investment property can be a a stressful experience – choosing the right land, the right builder and the right homes are all integral to a successful development project. That’s why at Chross – our focus is you.

As a boutique WA building company, we have a vision to make your development experience an enjoyable one. We’ll offer guidance on everything from the land you choose, to the right home design options – and you will receive honest and personalised service at every step of the way.


As a custom home builder – we take pride in providing the right home design to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a luxury rear-strata, or a low-maintenance rental property, our designs will be tailored to suit your needs. This means you can have confidence in your investment.

Quality Builds

We take pride in being a boutique builder, it means every project gets the care and attention it deserves. Your duplex property is built to the latest Australian Standards, meaning it’s built to last – exactly what you want from an investment property.

Why Choose a Duplex Development

Building a duplex on your existing block provides a range of benefits – whether you’re an investor, or looking to expand your existing block.

Unlock additional value from a single block – and reduce land costs.

Multiple options to suit your needs – whether you’ve got an empty block, plan to demolish, or plan to add a dwelling.

A person in a suit handing keys to a person in a wheelchair.

Easier finance approval.

Strong returns and reduced building costs.

Chross Home Builders Perth

Convenient, low-maintenance homes that are easy to sell or rent.

The Right Duplex For Your Block


Side-By-Side duplex designs are, as the name suggests, building two dwellings that sit next to each other on the property. This often involves subdividing the land into two titles so that each dwelling can be sold separately.


House-behind-house, also commonly known as ‘battle-axe’ or ‘rear-strata’, involves constructing two dwellings, with one located behind the other. This often provides additional privacy and security. If you have an existing dwelling, with a large amount of backyard space – a rear-strata development might be the right option for you, constructing an additional home behind your existing one which can then be rented or sold.

Narrow Block Duplex Designs

Maximise the value of your narrow lot by choosing the perfect duplex design. As your duplex builder, we can help to utilise your narrow block. Building two storey duplex’s is a great way to do this, while also ensuring the units have a comfortable amount of living space.

R-Codes & Subdividing Your Block

The best way to check if your property is eligible for subdivision – is to find it’s R-Code. We’ve produced a helpful guide on residential zoning codes for Perth. This will determine how much land you require in order to subdivide your land.

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