Narrow Lot Homes

Ready to build, but need someone who can make the most of your narrow lot? You're in the right place.
Chross' expertise can assist you in designing and building the perfect home on your lot.

The Right Home For Your Block

Narrow lot homes have surged in popularity across Perth, offering a solution for those who desire to build their dream home on a smaller block. As land prices soar, it’s becoming harder to find traditional blocks – especially if you’re searching closer to the city. We specialize in crafting custom-designed homes tailored to suit your narrow lot, ensuring that every inch of your block is maximized to its full potential.

What Are Narrow Lot Homes?

With block sizes ranging from 8 to 12 meters, narrow lot homes are designed to make the most of limited space, allowing homeowners to reside closer to the city while enjoying more affordable land prices. These homes offer a perfect balance of functionality and style, catering to the needs of modern living without compromising on comfort.

Make The Most Of Your Lot

Add a sense of volume with high ceilings, skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Maximise your space with built in wardrobes and modern cabinets.

Enjoy all of the comforts of a modern built home, close to the city.

Single Or Double Storey

Whether you opt for a single or double storey design, both options offer excellent choices for narrow lot configurations. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the best layout that maximizes space and meets your lifestyle preferences.

North Beach Custom Home Build

Location, Affordability, Lifestyle

Choosing a narrow lot home gives an affordable option for homeowners seeking prime locations without the hefty price tag. Enjoy all of the benefits of building your own home, while embracing life closer to the city – with a shorter commute, access to public transport and more.

Narrow Lot Designs For Your Lifestyle

Chross Home Builders takes pride in offering innovative narrow lot designs that prioritise space, brightness and privacy. Our custom designs mean you get a stylish and functional home suitable for 8 to 12.5-meter-wide blocks. Each of our builds boasts large bedrooms, ample living spaces, and all of the comforts you’d expect in a modern home.

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