With the steady increase in population size and urbanisation, narrow block house designs are becoming more common. Many people think that these types of houses give you less space to breathe; however, if you are creative and clever with your design, you can easily turn this to your advantage. Here are some of our top tips on making the most of your narrow block house design.


How to make the most of a narrow block house design


Unsurprisingly, the main challenge that narrow block house designs often present is a shortage of space. However, applying proven strategies and methods can increase the spaciousness of your small home and turn ‘claustrophobic’ into ‘cosy’ and ‘multifunctional’. So, how exactly do you do this?


Create rooms with more than one function:

As a narrow block house gives you less space to work with, you have to be smart with what you have. One way to do this is to make your rooms multipurpose; instead of the traditional design of separate dining and living rooms, why not use one big space for all these activities?


For example, your study or home office can easily be integrated into your bedroom. If you have small children, why not opt for bunk beds? You could build shelves and cupboards into the walls to stay organised; this will save even more space as you will no longer need a separate storage area.


Use natural light to your advantage:


Light plays a huge role in how we perceive space, meaning you can easily manipulate it to make your house look and feel more spacious. One tried and tested way of taking advantage of natural light is to have living spaces facing north. This will allow ample natural light during the day.


You should also pay attention to the placement of your doors and windows, as failure to do so means you may miss out on precious morning sunlight. By facilitating the best passage of natural light, you will also reduce your electricity bills, making your home environmentally conscious.


Decorate with mirrors:

Using mirrors to make areas appear larger is a tale as old as time – and it works! Mirrors can instantly make a room feel twice its size, plus, they help enhance the effects of natural light. When decorating with mirrors, opt for ones with well-defined frames. 


At Chross Homes & Developments, our qualified Interior Designer can guide you through mirror selection and placement, helping you find the right designs that align with your aesthetic while seemingly magnifying the space in your narrow block house. If you book a Pre-Start Meeting with Chross Homes & Developments, this will include a meeting with our Interior Designer who will also discuss your inclusions and offer any alternative options or upgrades.


Try open plan living:

Open plan living works exceptionally well for small spaces. This basically means that your house design keeps the number of walls to a minimum; typically, the living space flows seamlessly into the dining space and then into the kitchen. This opens up more of the area and feels less claustrophobic.


This also makes the transition from outdoors to indoors less prominent as narrow block houses usually don’t have a large backyard or front yard. Using sliding glass doors is also a popular way of achieving this transition.


Strategise with colours:



The colour of your interiors is important for many reasons. On top of its aesthetic value, colour plays a significant role in your mood and psyche; this means the strategic use of colours can change the way you feel about the spaciousness of your home.


In narrow block house designs, the key is to use light colours; dark colours run the risk of making rooms feel smaller and more compact. If you’re concerned that light colours aren’t exciting enough, why not use splashes of bright colours for more character?


Increase vertical space:

While there isn’t much you can do to increase the horizontal aspects of your narrow block home, you can still increase space vertically. In other words, go for higher ceilings, as they will make the rooms feel larger and give more space for air circulation. 


Build a multi-storey home:



This is another strategy that involves the use of vertical space. An advantage of narrow block homes is that they lend themselves well to building multiple floors; you could double or even triple the amount of space you have by building a multi-storey home! This might be necessary if you have a big family.


The advantages of narrow block homes


There are many advantages to owning a narrow-block house. Firstly, these homes are easy to maintain as there’s less space to clean. They also naturally encourage you to get rid of unnecessary furniture and interior structures, subsequently giving you more control over your living space.


Moreover, this kind of house design is energy efficient. You can heat or cool a small home faster and with less energy spent. What’s not to love about reduced monthly electricity bills?


Explore narrow block house designs with Chross Homes & Developments


If you are strategic and creative with your narrow block house design, a small home will in fact be a blessing! Not only will you have a cosy and multifunctional home, but you will also save money. Are you interested in learning more about narrow block house designs and creating the right one for you and your family? At Chross Homes & Developments, we can help you create a design specific to you and your family’s needs. Alongside our team of highly skilled designers, architects and consultants, our goal is to make your home building experience seamless and stress-free. Simply reach out to us today for expert home building advice!