Choosing the right builder for your custom home  is a pivotal decision. Chross Homes, a custom home builder, understands the importance of transparency and partnership.

Here are the essential questions to consider:


1. Are you licensed? Ensuring your builder is licensed guarantees they meet the necessary legal and professional standards.

2. Do you have insurance? Valid insurance protects both you and the builder throughout the construction phase.

3. What kind of warranty do you provide? A comprehensive warranty offers peace of mind on your investment.

4. Where do you source products, and what are my fitting options? This impacts the quality, aesthetics, and sustainability of your home.



5. How do you know what to quote, and what’s the process? Understanding the quoting process helps set expectations for costs and services provided.

6. What’s included or excluded from my contract? Clarity on this ensures there are no surprises down the line.



7. Can you work with my custom design, or can you provide a custom design? Your dream home’s feasibility starts here—whether adapting your vision or crafting a unique design together.

8. How long do your builds take? Knowing the timeline helps plan your life around the construction phase.

9. How much do the builds cost? An open discussion about costs ensures the project aligns with your budget.

10. How often do you go over cost? This question addresses budget management and potential financial risks.

11. Can you build on my block? Assessing the feasibility of construction on your land is crucial.

12. Can you work through my pain points? A builder’s ability to address and mitigate your concerns is vital.



13. How do we communicate through the building process? Effective communication is key to a successful build and ensuring your needs are met.

14. How do you ensure the quality of the finished product? Quality assurance practices safeguard the value and durability of your home.

15. What happens when things don’t go to plan – supply chain issues, changes to design, issues with the site. A builder’s problem-solving capabilities and flexibility are essential.


Happy Customers

16. How often do your builds go over time? Insight into past project timelines offers a realistic expectation of your build’s duration.

17. Can you provide reviews/references? Past clients’ experiences offer valuable insights into working with the builder.



Choosing Chross Homes means partnering with a builder who not only answers these questions to your satisfaction but also shares your vision for a dream home that reflects your lifestyle and preferences. Together, we embark on a journey to create spaces that are uniquely yours, ensuring transparency, quality, and commitment every step of the way.